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The Mind Body To Lead Podcast

The Mind Body To Lead Podcast

Hosted by: Kyle and Georgie Hubbard

Welcome to the Mind Body to Lead podcast. The place to be to level up all aspects of your health both physically and mentally. Each week we come to you with motivation and mindset hacks. Interviews with the best minds...

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Ep119 Do I need to workout every day?

In short... no, however, we both do recommendย doing some form of movement every day. ย  But let's define the word "workout", and what it means for you? ย  Realistically we shouldn't be pushing our limits every single...
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Ep118 Improve Gut Health and Vitality w/ Bec Miller

ย  Ever had gut issues before?ย Then this podcast is definitely for you. ย  We welcome a phenomenal guest to our show Bec Miller. Today Georgie had the pleasure of sitting down with Bec to talk about all things gut...
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Ep117 How to reduce anxiety and get back on track

I have dived deep into fear and the long term impact it has not only on our immune system and the impact it has on creating disease in our bodies.ย  ย  And what is anxiety? It's fear and worry that is linked to the...
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Ep116 How do I stay motivated when I'm feeling hormonal?

ย  "I'm here to say it's normal, and you are most definitely not alone when it comes to a decrease in motivation at different times of the month" ย  When it comes to motivation, I know for me (Georgie), I'm more...
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Ep115 10 minute relax and reset meditation

One of the best pieces of advice Iย received with meditation was to "just begin". ย  My gift to all my wonderful listeners today is one of my 10 minutes "relax and reset meditations." ย  To jump straight to the...
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Ep114 How can I overcome Mum guilt and prioritise my health?

How can we make time for ourselves when we feel like we should be with our children. ย  Here's the thing, self-love is not selfish. ย  Let's discuss this in today's podcast. ย  Welcome to Health and Fitness Fridays All...
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Ep113 5 ways to look after your mental health during lockdown | Monday Morning Mindset Motivation

Episode #113

Has your mental health suffered being in and out of lockdown??ย  ย  If it has you are not alone.ย  ย  I have been speaking to lots of people over the past few weeks all informing me of the impact that the past 12 months...
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Ep112 Can Yoga help me lose weight?

Episode #112

We love yoga, and we can't believe we're saying this because only 3 years ago it definitely wasn't a part of our routine. ย  But yoga is now a vital part of our training. ย  How many times do we do yoga each week? ย  Can...
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Ep111 5 mindset hacks that will change your life | Monday Morning Mindset Motivation

Episode #111

Today is a big one. ย  We are talking today about everything I LOVE and everything I'm passionate about. ย  I believe everything in life comes down to our mindset. ย  Success, happiness, health... everything. ย  What we...
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Ep110 What are the best exercises to stay fit working out from home?

Episode #110

For a while gyms have been open and shut, open and shut., and we definitely feel a shift in the industry to people being more adaptable to working out from home. But what are some of the best exercises that you can do...
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Ep109 The 1 question I ask myself each week to achieve more in less time | Monday Morning Mindset Motivation

Episode #109

Have you ever got to Friday and thought "what have I done this week?" ย  With routines being throw out because of lockdown, when we are out of routine it's really easy to be busy for busy sake and not have structure. ย ...
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Ep108 How do I stay motivated during lockdown (again!)?

Episode #108

With another lockdown upon us, how do we find the motivation to exercise and keep going with our health and fitness? ย  Welcome to Health and Fitness Fridays ย  All of your biggest fitness and nutrition questions...
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