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Ep130 How to reset your mind and body


It has been a challenging year for the majority of people, there is a lot happening in the world.


So, Kyle and I sat down and wanted to share with you some ways that we can reset our minds and bodies so that we can get back on the right path and boost our wellbeing.


In this episode I discuss:


  • How we can decide what we want
  • Understanding "why" we want this
  • Thinking about "how" this will make us feel
  • Why we should write it all out in detail
  • Committing to focusing on this every day
  • Visualising ourselves as the person we wrote down.
  • Understanding "who" we need to become to achieve this
  • Thinking about the actions we need to take to become it
  • Using people as inspiration and thinking about if there is anyone you know that represents "health" to you.


Once all of this has been discussed I then move on to the most important part. ACTION.


Kyle and I have also created a 28 Day Mind and Body Reset challenge (link below) for a step-by-step guide that speaks about all of the daily steps and habits we personally take and use to reset our minds and bodies every day to keep us on the path to boosting our wellbeing.


I hope you enjoy today's episode.


With love, health and gratitude,


Georgie x



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