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Ep129 How can I stop eating so much junk food?

Have you ever said to yourself, "If only I had more willpower or motivation, then I would stop eating so much junk food?"


If you have, you're not alone.


But what if we told you that it's not your lack of willpower or motivation that is holding you back from achieving your goals.


Rather, it is your environment!


In today's episode, we speak about how we can set our environments up for success, and we discuss why there is no such thing as "good" or "bad" food and how we can use the traffic light system when it comes to creating an environment for success.


Welcome to Deep Health Friday's; all of your biggest health questions answered in under 10 minutes with Kyle Hubbard, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and International Fitness Presenter And Georgie Hubbard, Business Insiders Top 20 Mindful Thought Leader & Personal Trainer.


We care about your health and wellbeing and are prepared to cut through the noise to help you find the answers. Having worked with 1000's clients, we’ve seen and heard it all.


The Mind Body to Lead podcast is the place to be to level up all aspects of your health, both physically and mentally.


Each week we come to you with motivation and mindset hacks. Interviews with the best minds and health experts, and we answer all of your biggest health and fitness questions in under 10 minutes.


If you're ready to take back control and live the life that you were destined to lead, then this is the podcast for you.


With health and happiness,


Georgie and Kyle



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