Building self-awareness | Josh Farr Founder Campus Consultancy 2x TEDx Speaker | Ep 7

Formerly an engineer, & with experience in Graduate Recruitment, Josh founded Campus Consultancy to empower young leaders with emotional intelligence & entrepreneurship. Josh has worked with 6036 student leaders (and growing), totalling 20,600+ hours of professional development since March 2017.

The programs help Universities increase student engagement; student leaders feel prepared, confident & creative about their role as leaders, and all students benefit from emotionally intelligent, purpose-driven leadership into their careers.


Although Josh graduated as an engineer, it wasn't until a facilitator came on-site to talk about mental health that he even realised such a role existed.


Become a "facilitator" sparked something inside of him. Josh was always wanting to talk about how peoples day was, how their families were, and he was always intrigued by how we build successful relationships to become better leaders. Josh then went down the rabbit hole of self-development and improvement reading over 100 books in a year.


In today's episode with Josh;


  • Why gratitude is vital for a life full of happiness.
  • How can we master self-awareness?
  • Help us discover what we want in life.
  • How to take massive action and implement ideas
  • Finding a gap in the market and problem that you're passionate about solving.


Questions I ask Josh:


(1:10) - Introduction to who josh Farr is.

(4:00) - How do you go about starting the business to where it is today.

(5:30) - Starting a business, finding a real person with a real problem

(9:30) - What did you do to take the first step once you read and had all this wealth of knowledge?

(13:50) - How do you develop levels of self-belief

(18:14) - Sometimes we can be so future-focused, but what do you do to celebrate the journey?

(19:14) - Playing the game of gratitude

(22:00) - Time management is key to success, so how do you go about managing your day?

(25:48) - Scheduling helps you to be analytical with your processes (the four buckets concept

(31:30) - You recently did a TED talk, how did you go about developing your self-awareness.

(37:14) - I believe leadership is service, but we also have to make sure we're in the right mindset and healthy to serve, what are your thoughts on that?

(42:34) - What do you say to somebody who wants to be a better leader?

(51:00) - What does a successful life look like for you?


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