Maximise your day and create more energy in your life | Anna Richards, Entrepreneur and Business Owner | Ep #5

Welcome to today's episode of The Mind To Lead Podcast. Today I sat down with my dear friend and life enthusiast, Anna Richards.

"The quality of your life is the quality of your questions."

Anna started her entrepreneurial journey when she was 18 while working in an accounting firm doing tax returns.

After meeting her partner (now husband, Morgan), Anna started a dating website called Possibly Maybe, a dating website for 18-30's as a side hustle.

During her time at the accounting firm, she got poached into federal politics and subsequently closed down her website. 

Possibly Maybe taught her a lot and gave her an apprenticeship to entrepreneurship after making many mistakes.

Although she was "happy" doing her job in Federal Politics, she felt she had hit the ceiling.

Having a business degree, double majoring in business management and a minoring in Entrepreneurship Anna wanted more.

That's when a "product" landed on her lap. Attached to network marketing, Anna saw the opportunity given the fact she had studied business and could see the exponential potential.

After earning her first million dollars, both Anna and Morgan now live debt-free and travel the world together. 

Anna also inspires 1000's of women daily to do the same.


Questions asked on today's Podcast:

(8:45) What advice would you give to a female listening to this right now looking to start their own business?

(11:32) How does somebody go about gaining more confidence?

(14:47) What do you see the future being for connection, and where do we find the motivation to push ourselves out of our comfort zones?

(17:10) How do you show up every day the beautiful person you are?

(21:13) What are your thoughts on the whole "perfection" culture, and how do you approach that?

(24:00) How should we try to deal with comparison?

(27:55) How do you go about prioritising your day?

(34:50) What do you do every day to show your gratitude for life?

(37:15) How do you explain success, and what does that look like for you?

(41:18) What advice would you give somebody wanting to start their own business?

(44:14) What is the impact that you want to have in the world?


Connect with Anna

Instagram - @annarose_richards

Facebook - /annaroserichards


Connect with Georgie

Instagram - @georgielhubbard

Linkedin - /georgiehubbard


Books Mentioned

Thrive - Arianna Huffington,

The Miricle Morning - Hal Elrod  


Also mentioned

Emotional guidance system 

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