Building a Team with Emotional Intelligence and Traits of an Empathetic Leader | Jacob Vandevelde, IT Operations Manager at Compare The Market | Ep 4

On today's episode of The Mind To Lead Podcast, I sat down and spoke with Jacob Vandervelde.

Jacob has been in the software industry for seven years. A developer for five years and a Team Lead for the past two years

Jacob has recently transitioned from the role of IT Operations Manager at Compare The Market to a Senior Developer position for a start-up company called

In today's episode, we spoke about building a team with emotional intelligence and the skills and traits of an empathetic leader.

We dive deep into how Jacob handles difficult conversations? Why is empathy so important when dealing with staff members. Why is it important to know your team on a personal level and how Jacob hires emotional intelligence over skill

Questions I asked in today's episode:

First Half

(1:30) What were some of the challenges moving from a developer to a team lead

(2:00) How did you go about going through that transition?

(3:30) When doing code reviews, how do you go about managing that conversation?

(4:30) Were there any mistakes that you made when you moved into a leadership role?

(7:00) What have you experienced in poor leadership and the impact that it's had on you?

(8:50) Can you give a couple of examples where you had to express empathy to a staff member

(11:40) How important do you think it is as a leader to get to know people on a personal level?

(12:50) Now you are also a father, do you think it's going to change your leadership style? 

(13:54) How do you keep your team motivated when there are setbacks?

(15:06) What advice would you give someone who has been promoted from a software developer to a team lead?

(15:50) What do you do daily, monthly to get yourself into the right head space?

(16:55) For people who don't have time to learn or develop what would you recommend people will do

(17:40) When you listen to a podcast, how do you learn and implement it into your life

Second Half

(19:31) When you make hires in your team, what traits are you looking for?

(20:50) What other softer skills other than empathy would you be looking for?

(21:36) What questions would you traditionally ask in an interview?

(23:01) What would be a red flag when it comes to hiring?

(24:02) What do you think defines a good culture, and what can a company do to make that happen?

(25:28) How, as a manager, do you encourage collaboration?

(27:40) What are your thoughts about remote working?

(31:20) If you have a close-knit team, how would you bring a new person into the team?

(32:30) If you could summarise what the role of a leader would be in 1 sentence, what would it be?

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