What To Say After "Are You Okay?" | Jackie Grier, Executive Partner and Director at Mindset Practice | Ep 36

What to say, after "Are you okay?"


Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with friend and Emotional Intelligence Master Practitioner Jackie Grier.

Jackie is a Mindset Practice of Emotional Intelligence Master Practitioner, Accredited Executive Coach, Master Trainer in the Lifo® Method, Licensed Human Element Practitioner and Registered Nurse and Health Visitor.

Jackie's coaching and facilitation style is an amazing blend of empathy and gravitas.

She uses 'silence' exceedingly well, showing genuine concern and compassion while at the same moment being able to ask the tough questions. By always holding a positive intention for people, she can really explore tricky areas because the other party is assured with certainty that she always comes from a position of caring.

She is perceptive, astute and is well placed in her questioning. She holds your attention very well and has a wonderful way of bringing real clarity to complexity.

Jackie's style is a transformational blend of empathy and gravitas that encourages mindset change and helps develop a positive, productive leadership climate.

An impactful mindset practice master facilitator and executive coach, Jackie was the coaching and facilitation lead on leadership development for clients in the UK and internationally including, Dstl, EA, Natural England, McDonald's, Centrica, Thales, HSBC, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Kier and NHS Leadership Academy and NHS.

A former registered nurse and health visitor, she believes in a holistic attitude to developing leadership, resilience and wellbeing which focuses on emotional, mental and physical health.

Jackie chooses to include physical fitness as a key part of her lifestyle, inspiring others by having taken part in UK Ninja Warrior and Tough Mudder's. Jackie believes in the power of physical and emotional fitness to enable us to be emotionally and physically fit and resilient in the workplace. Her yoga practice is also now very much part of her lifestyle as a place to nurture physical and emotional wellbeing.

She is delighted to be growing Mindset Practice as she is passionate about people and supporting them to be the best version of themselves.


Questions I asked Jackie:

(2:25) Who is Jackie Grier?

(4:20) What made you want to go on Ninja Warrior?

(7:40) What went on in your mind when you hit the water?

(9:10) What process did you go through to come through it and now teach emotional intelligence?

(11:20) Are there any daily practices that helped you to accept things, get back up and to keep going?

(14:00) How important is it to become self-aware, and is there any advice you give to people to improve their self-awareness?

(16:30) What advice do you give to yourself and leaders when they are feeling anxiety? Is it important to feel the emotion and how long should you go through that process for?

(18:40) How can people identify when people are in the growth emotions, and what they look like, and when they're in the survival emotions and what they look like?

(21:20) Where should people begin if they are in survival right now to start feeling more optimistic?

(24:10) What skill should leaders be developing right now?

(26:20) What would you say to leaders who always here "I'm fine" as an answer back?

(28:10) Do you get push back from people who don't want to speak about their emotions?

(30:30) What does empathy mean to you, and how is it different from sympathy?

(33:39) What else have you learned about yourself during this time?


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