The 1st crucial step when starting any business | Rebecca Howse Human Centered Practitioner, Speaker and Facilitator | Ep31

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rebecca Howse, and she uncovered the 1st crucial step when starting a business.


Rebecca is a commercially savvy, highly driven, and passionate Human Centered Practitioner with proven experience across B2B & B2C industries, including Financial Services, Retail, FMCG, Education and Health, in both client and agency roles.

She has a demonstrated track record of delivering innovative product, brand and business strategies by implementing solutions, led by customer, market and data insights, and aimed at business growth.

She is an exceptional communicator with strong collaboration, storytelling, problem-solving and influencing skills — a results-focused team player with the ability to foster individual and collective creativity.


Questions I asked on today's podcast:


(2:01) Who is Rebecca Howse, and what your journey has been?

(3:38) What is your role at Uni Super, and what are you currently doing day today?

(5:01) What do you mean by human-centred design?

(7:15) Living through uncertain times, how should people go about marketing themselves and speaking to their customers?

(10:00) If people want to get a grasp of understanding their customer, how does the storyboard look?

(13:45) Ask yourself "what do I do differently to my competition."

(14:50) You've worked for some fantastic organisations but where do you see people going wrong?

(18:20) What self-care practices are you putting in place?

(24:15) Do you have any advice to leaders who are finding it challenging at this time

(28:05) Any advice to people who are struggling to get motivated or who are out of work, not in a good place right now, where should people start in their self-care journey?


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