How our thoughts lead us to success | Jane Martino Chair & Co-Founder Smiling Mind | Ep29

How our thoughts lead us to success


Today I had the privilege of speaking to the incredible Jane Martino.

Jane Martino has built multiple organisations to successful exit across the marketing, media and digital sectors. As well as delivering strong outcomes for shareholders, she focusses on building high performing teams, knowing the key to growing successful businesses is growing their people.

Martino's experience includes founding and exiting Undertow Media (now Bastion Effect following its sale to the Bastion Group in 2009), and digital platform Shout which was acquired by ANZ Bank in 2015 where she subsequently held the role of Head of Social Segment.

As a passionate supporter and participant in the Australian start-up scene, Martino is also an investor and advisor to high profile start-ups such as content and influencer marketplace, TRIBE, activation platform brandcrush and recently launched, Sorted.

She was an early-stage investor and advisor at Unlockd, eventually leading the Australian start up operationally as CEO.

Martino is also co-founder of the globally recognised tech-based NFP Smiling Mind, that delivers free online Mindfulness Meditation programs to young people.

Since launching, Smiling Mind has more than 4 million regular users of its individual program with the education program used by more than 60,000 educators across the country each day.

Most recently Martino held the position of Executive Director, Ventures at Light Warrior, family office of Radek Sali, managing the Group's early-stage investment portfolio.

In addition, she is on the Board of the Melbourne Football Club.

Jane Martino is a published author with her series of six Thank You books printed in 2004 by ACP Books.

In 2016 she released a book entitled Mindfulness Made Easy, now in its second print run with Hardie Grant.


Questions I asked Jane Martino on today's podcast:


(1:35) Who is Jane Martino? And tell me more about Smiling Mind?

(6:20) 1 in 7 Australian children suffer from mental health. Can you go into more detail about this statistic

(9:02) What results are children getting going through the Smiling Mind program?

(12:25) How did you become so passionate about meditation

(16:25) How do you make time for Jane, and what does your self-care practise look like?

(18:50) How important do you think having a routine is, and did it contribute to your success?

(22:20) What are your thoughts on manifestation, and can we manifest success into existence through our thoughts alone?

(24:30) What are you seeing in businesses at the minute, and how are people pivoting?

(27:40) What have been your biggest lessons so far with Smiling Mind?

(32:30) What is your approach when you come to hire?

(35:35) Are there any tips that you're using at the minute to stay calm and focused during this time?

(38:40) I'd love to hear about how you go through your gratitude practice?


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