Are limiting beliefs stopping you from taking action? | Gillian Mulholland Singer, Podcast Host, Speaker and Coach | Episode 28

Are limiting beliefs stopping you from taking action?


Welcome to Episode 28 of The Mind to Lead Podcast, and WOW! What another incredible conversation I had today with the beautiful Gillian Mulholland.

If you like real, straight to the point talk, then Gillian is your woman.

You know you have more to give. Perhaps you are floating through life? You know you have a power inside you, but you are clouded by the limits you put on yourself. Limits learnt from friends, family, parents, advertising, society, past relationships and heartbreak.

Gillian has felt ALL those things.

She felt lost, small and unworthy. Gillian thought her happiness came from a relationship. Not true. You don't have to wait for a relationship to be happy.

Gillian has changed it all, and has never been happier and living out her purpose and full potential. That's why she now knows it's possible for you.


Question's I asked in today's conversation:


(1:40) An introduction to Gillian Mulholland

(4:10) How did you go from a corporate background to starting your own business?

(6:25) What are the steps you took when you hit rock bottom that you needed to make changes? What was the first thing you did?

(8:15) How did you go about a meditation practice?

(9:43) When did you start to notice the changes from meditation?

(11:40) What advice would you give to someone who wanted to have a voice and brand but was afraid of what their friends and colleagues think?

(14:10) When did you know the self-love was your purpose and passion?

(16:01) What do you do to show yourself self-love and self-care

(17:23) How do you go about your scripting process because I believe it's really powerful

(19:25) How do you go about putting yourself in the right mindset to take action?

(21:55) When automatic negative thoughts come up, do you have a process to let them go?

(23:32) How did you go about mapping the future for yourself? What does it look like for you right now?

(27:02) What is the one thing you could do right now to get going?

(29:05) How did you go from stepping away from a corporate job to stepping into your passion and purpose?

(32:10) How is the current situation (COVID-19) impact you right now, and how are you dealing with it?

(33:10) What advice would you give to people who are feeling low right now and how people can get through the next six weeks of lockdown.


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