Done is better than perfect | Bec Mitchell Corporate Wellness Consultant / Speaker / Physio / LinkedIn Spotlight 2019 | Ep 27

Done is better than perfect.

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Bec Mitchell.

Perfectionism, mental health, morning routines and self-care were just a few of the many topics we talked about in today's podcast.

Bec teaches wellbeing strategies to Australia's top organisations, including CBA, Westpac, EY, General Assembly and The Australian Army.

As a child, she was obsessed with understanding 'the meaning of life'. She would drive her parents mad, refusing to sleep until someone would explain to her 'why' we are here.

And as she grew older this question evolved into the one that is a little easier to answer, and arguably more relevant:

'How do we live our best life?'

Bec went on to first study Philosophy and Psychology at The University of Melbourne and then moved into Physiotherapy.

For the first 7 years of her Physiotherapy career, she was fortunate enough to learn the importance of evidence-based medicine as she worked alongside some of Australia's top surgeons, sports doctors, dieticians and physios at Olympic Park Sports Medicine.

But still, the existential questions continued to burn inside her… so she went on to do further study in meditation teaching and nutrition and is now completing her Masters in Psychology and Neuroscience.

Bec aims to help everyone access the science of healthy habits, so you can use your brain to its full ability, and maybe even get a little happier along the way.


Questions I asked on today's podcast:


(2:12) Who is Bec Mitchell and what has brought you to this point in your life right now?

(3:45) People sometimes have no idea what they want to; how did you get into physiotherapy?

(5:18) How early on into your career did you realise it wasn't the right choice for you?

(6:30) How did you go about making the change when you realised that it wasn't for you?

(7:45) How much time did you spend researching and reading to gain a full understanding of who you are?

(9:12) When did you know you were ready to make the change?

(10:25) What do big corporations usually come to you for when it comes to health and wellness?

(11:50) For people who aren't in a great space physically and mentally, what are the first steps that you would advise people to take?

(14:05) If someone was listening to this right now saying "I'd love to start a meditation practice" is there any tips or tricks you could say to them?

(17:10) For someone wanting to start a self-care practice where do people go wrong?

(19:45) Is there any health hacks that you've found that works for you?

(21:45) What does a typical breakfast look like for you?

(24:35) How do you deal with inner-critics and your limiting beliefs?

(28:15) What were some of the underlying beliefs and patterns that you had to overcome?

(30:15) What is the biggest lesson that you have learned so far in your journey? Perhaps someone who is a bit of a perfectionist.


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