LinkedIn Stories, Personal Branding, and the 7 step formula to help you find your vision and voice | String Nguyen 🍗 3x Top Voice LinkedIn, LinkedIn Marketing and Personal Branding | Ep26

LinkedIn Stories, Personal Branding, and the 7 step formula to help you find your vision and voice.

On today's podcast, I had the privilege to sit down with LinkedIn's 3x Top Voice String Nguyen.

String believes in the future of, sustainable diversity, tech-driven, and creative society, where we all achieve our version of creative vibes.

After 10+ years in growth and marketing space and now as the founder of The Trusted Voice, String is developing tools to empower professionals and entrepreneurial "volks" to be a trusted voice.

String now serves and helps experts, entrepreneurs and coaches who struggle to market themselves by developing the framework for them to build their brand.


On today's podcast, we discussed:

(2:20) Who is String, and what is your story?

(4:20) What are the steps you took to get more confident on video?

(6:20) People are scared of judgement and what other people think. Why do you think people care?

(8:00) How long did it take you to build up your following and brand?

(9:40) "I want to start my brand, where do I begin?" 7 V formula.

(13:31) How would you suggest people go about finding their values?

(15:01) Any tips on how people can monetize their brand?

(18:30) If someone was new to LinkedIn Stories, what advice would you give to someone?

(25:51) How different should our content be across various social platforms?

(27:50) Any other trends that you're seeing on different platforms at the minute?

(30:30) What advice would you give to someone who is starting and the one thing they could do to kick start their brand


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