Change Starts With You | Mary-Beth Hosking - Head of Change Delivery (APAC) Specsavers | Ep25

Change starts with you.

"You cannot help your team if you're spiralling down yourself".

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mary-Beth Hosking the Head of Change Delivery (APAC) at Specsavers.

As a pragmatic and seasoned IT leader with 17+ years of experience working in complex matrix environments leading multi-disciplinary teams, Mary-Beth is motivated by driving change and transformation with people at the centre. Clearly understanding the impact of poorly led change has been instrumental in her approach to successful delivery.

With a background combining technology, retail, transport, logistics, finances and consulting and leading large technology programs and working with offshore presence, Mary-Beth brings diverse perspectives and a strong understanding of the implementation that works.

She has a track record of innovation driven by lateral thinking to solve complex problems, and the ability to work collaboratively with key stakeholders including board members, senior leaders, employees and regulatory bodies.

She's passionate about building people up, then galvanising teams to go above and beyond to deliver on outcomes.


Questions I ask in today's podcast:


(2:12) Who is Mary-Beth, and what has brought you to this stage in your life right now?

(5:20) How do you go about managing change in an organisation?

(10:00) How important do you think it is as a leader the whole self-awareness the whole self-care piece is before you help others?

(11:53) When you walk through the doors after doing your mindfulness and body scans, how do you feel?

(13:58) How have you found having a mindfulness practice has impacted not only your life but how you are as a leader when you're with your team?

(17:32) What are some of the things you would advise people to be aware of at this point (with COVID-19)

(22:20) How important do you think vulnerability as a leader is?

(23:18) What are your thoughts on the impact of people when they don't express how they feel?

(25:10) If you're writing a job ad and you want a leader to respond, what key points would you add?

(28:23) What are some of the things you have done during this time to develop yourself?

(32:50) I'd love to write a book one day myself. What is the first step you took to make that happen?

(37:28) Did you have a person in mind when you wrote this book, or is this for anyone interested in leadership?

(41:18) What would you say to a leader right now who was struggling or feeling uncertain what would you say to them? What could they be doing day to day that would help both them and their team?


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