How can we be happier? | Aaron Birkby and Peta Ellis, Founders of Tribe Global and Peak Persona | Ep 22

"Ultimately the state which we're all trying to achieve is contentment and happiness". What is the #1 practice that we could all be doing? And, how can we become happier?


Today I sat down with two incredible humans, Aaron Birkby and Peta Ellis, Human Transformation Architects passionate about unlocking people's potential to be more self-aware.


"If everyone were in alignment, the entire world would be a more happy place."


Aaron is a human transformation architect, meaning he develop the human capital and talent for high performance, enabling them to grow high-performing teams, who in-turn build high growth ventures. He's the co-founder of a world-first Human Accelerator Program, which develops the individual through scientifically-proven and evidence-based techniques, habits and routines taken from the highest performing individuals and teams across the globe.


Aaron's background includes over two decades as a successful startup founder and ecosystem community leader, culminating as the 2016 Entrepreneur Of The Year. More recently, Aaron has been a public speaker, hackathon facilitator, corporate innovation advisor, cultural-transformation leader, board member, investor, mentor, and adventure-preneur.


Peta is a Startup Community Activator and Ecosystem builder with a history of collaboratively growing the innovation sector across Australia.


With a 20 year background in Communications, PR, Marketing and Media Relations and founding four companies before 30, Peta plays a pivotal role in Startup ecosystems as a cheerleader, storyteller, super-connector and strategist.


River City Labs grew 550% from 2012 to 2019 under Peta's leadership and was acquired at its peak in 2018 by the ACS. The acquisition enabled the brand to expand into the three hubs across three states ( QLD VIC NSW), making it the largest innovation hub network supporting high growth technology companies in Australia. As CEO of ACS Innovation Labs, I built and fostered critical ties with corporate partners, other private and public entities and their members.


Now, as Cofounder of TribeGlobal and Peak Performance Persona, Peta aims to continue building the Entrepreneurial spirit, framework and mindset within communities and organizations that are people focussed and seeking for company-wide alignment.


Questions I ask on today's Podcast

(1:30) Introduction to your background Aaron, what brought you both together and what Tribe Global is.

(2:58) Peta same question to you.

(4:41) What are your thoughts on the importance of surrounding yourself with likeminded people? Is that the key to success?

(6:32) Anything to add to Peta's answer, Aaron?

(7:28) For those people who are stuck at home, struggling at this time and aren't surrounded by their usual positive people?

(8:35) Any advice on where people can go to find specific communities?

(10:15) I'm a big believer in finding "balance" but what are your thoughts around it?

(13:31) What advice would you give to people who want to become more self-aware? And questions to ask yourself to become more self-aware?

(16:40) What do you do day-to-day and what habits and routines do you have? Let's start with you, Aaron.

(18:07) And how about you, Peta?

(20:22) What excuses and blockers do you hear often and why people say they can't succeed.

(24:02) I often get asked, "how do you stay grateful when everything around you is in chaos". I'd love to get your thoughts on the whole gratitude piece and what advice you would give someone who is struggling.

(27:05) Do you think it's a good time now to start a business or should people be holding off?

(29:46) How do you think COVID is going to change the startup scene?

(30:53) What advice would you give to someone who is sitting at home wanting to start a business?


(33:21) What is the legacy that you would both like to leave?


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