What experiences do you want to start having in your life? Bernard Schokman founder Design Moshpit | Ep 2

Welcome to today’s episode of The Mind To Lead Podcast. 

Today I sat down with the incredible Bernard Schokman. Bernard is the Founder of Design Moshpit, a design based thinking company.

Bernard originally started his professional career as a Full Stack Developer and then transitioned into an Automated Tester working for Seek morphing into Screen design (now called UX Design).

All his knowledge gained has now moved him into running his own business.

Bernard is a huge believer in exercise so that his physical body feels better, his digestion works better, he has increased muscle tone, and his mental head has more clarity.

“Food tastes differently on my tongue when I exercise then when I don’t.”


What you will learn from today’s podcast:

(4:15) His first business and his failings and then his step into the company that he has today.

(7:20) Bernard’s approach to design thinking and getting things moving forward in business.

(9:02) What did Bernard do to make the first step to starting his first business

(11:10) How does Bernard show up every day in the right headspace to run his business?

(19:15) What Bernard does to overcome fear and any limiting beliefs

(29:31) How does prescribed meditation work?

(37:05) What types of questions should people start to ask themselves to create a lifestyle by design

(42:20) How important is self-love and self-care for people?

(47:22) What comes first? What do people need to do and kick-off and start?

(55:24) How important is continuing the journey of self-development and continued learning and growing? 

(59:38) What does a wonderful life look like for you?


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