Setting yourself up for success working from home | Anna Rose Richards | Isolation Series Part 3/6

Welcome to today's special episode of The Mind To Lead Podcast.

I've partnered with my good friend and incredible entrepreneur and businesswoman Anna Rose Richards to bring you this series called "The isolation series."

We'll be bringing you new topics every week to deliver positivity and good energy into your ears whilst we all remain in lockdown.

We'll be talking a range of topics from;

  • How to stay positive while in isolation.
  • What mindset should we be choosing right now?
  • Why now is a great time to be setting an exceptional morning routine?
  • How to set yourself up for success for the week.
  • Working at home with your partner.
  • Building great habits.
  • Plus much more.

"The quality of your life is the quality of your questions."

Anna started her entrepreneurial journey when she was 18 while working in an accounting firm doing tax returns. 

After meeting her partner (now husband, Morgan), Anna started a dating website called Possibly Maybe, a dating website for 18-30's as a side hustle. 

During her time at the accounting firm, she got poached into federal politics and subsequently closed down her website. Possibly Maybe taught her a lot and gave her an apprenticeship to entrepreneurship after making many mistakes. 

Although she was "happy" doing her job in Federal Politics, she felt she had hit the ceiling. Having a business degree, double majoring in business management and a minoring in Entrepreneurship Anna wanted more. That's when a "product" landed on her lap. Attached to network marketing, Anna saw the opportunity given the fact she had studied business and could see the exponential potential. 

After earning her first million dollars, both Anna and Morgan now live debt-free and travel the world together. 

Anna also inspires 1000's of women daily to do the same. 

Questions asked on today's Podcast: 

(2:23) Three weeks now in isolation, Anna how have you been?

(3:10) Georgie, how are you feeling?

(5:00) Anna “why I am giving myself grace”

(8:59) You said you set your goals the night before, how do you go about setting those goals? SMART formula, or goals for the week?

(12:30) Georgie, what do you do when structuring your goals?

(15:10) Thoughts on setting crazy goals?

(21:23) How do you get clear on what you want right now and how do you find alignment within yourself?

(24:01) What could people do to get the most out of the time we have working from home?

(27:58) Anna; “How do you and your husband work so harmoniously together?

(33:33) Why we should work together

(33:50) Why radical communication is key when working from home.

(37:40) This is the week to be still and ask yourself those questions in silence.


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