The daily habits and routines to live a level 10 life | Andy Fell CEO Gift631 Speaker, Coach, Facilitator | Ep 12

What are the daily habits and routines to live a level 10 life?

Welcome to this week's episode of The Mind to Lead Podcast. I sat down with Andy Fell, Founder of Gift631, Speaker, Coach, Facilitator and Writer.

Andy has 30 years of corporate experience across the UK and Australia, 20 years of which were in senior leadership positions for the RBS, Nat West, Westpac and St.George banks. 

Andy loved leading large, customer-facing businesses that centred on creating high performance and inclusive cultures where people were empowered and encouraged to give of their best.

Andy's expertise in communication, personal & team development lead him to found both GiFT631 and #youth4good, a social platform to provide a voice for young people with passion, energy and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. 

Andy's ability to build self-belief & inspire confidence in people led him to develop this programme. His purpose is to help others strive to reach their potential in a stretching, supportive and inclusive environment.

He is a highly sought after speaker, coach and educator who fills his work with actionable and practical strategies.


Today you will learn:

  • Andy's 7 P process to understanding what you want for your life and business.
  • Why Andy prefers to set "SMUUT goals" rather than "SMART goals."
  • Why "Mozart time" is crucial for his mental clarity.
  • The habits and routines Andy has set up to live a level 10 life.
  • Plus much more.


Questions I asked Andy:


(2:50) Wow, there is a lot to unpack there. But firstly, how did you come up with the name Gift 631?

(5:50) How important in your leadership training is that gratitude piece for people?

(10:30) What advice would you give for somebody who wants to start a morning routine but doesn't know where to start?

(13:30) How important are routines and habits as a leader? And how do you go about coaching people to achieve this?

(18:59) How critical is that whole review and reflection piece?

(20:22) You've talked about goals in your 1,3, 6 model. Can you talk about that and what is your winning formula?

(24:45) How important is it to have great people around you?

(26:00) Touching on the current climate with COVID-19. There is a lot of fear at the moment. Checking emails and news. What are your thoughts on the leadership piece, and what is your advice to leaders? 

(29:13) For people lacking in clarity right now what steps would you give them to help them for their business and life.

(30:40) When you talk about the circle of influence, what things do you think people should be focusing on to maintain calmness and peace of mind.

(34:33) In terms of self-development, do you have any tips that have worked for your personal development?

(36:58) You mentioned regret at the start. How many people do you see when you're coaching that are scared to make the first step. How do you go about moving forward without fear and living life without regret?

(41:01) Everybody's ideas of success are different. How do you define success in your life?

(44:01) If we were about to put a billboard up for the world to see what would you put on it? 


Books mentioned on the Podcast.

Hal Elrod - Morning Miracle

Gary Keller - One thing

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Jack Canfield - Success Principles

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight

Grant Cardone - 10X

Tim Ferris - Podcasts


Connect with Andy

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Website -



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Quotes from the Podcast

"(As a leader) - the way you come in is the way they go out."

"Spend 20 mins less on social media or newsfeeds and get a journal, thinking about your thoughts and what matters most."

"I am less concerned about the achievement of the goal. I'm more concerned about the action I take on the way to achieving the goal." 

"You have to control the controllable's."

"As a leader, you should absorb the pressure and not release the pressure."

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