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What should I do if I am still hungry after dinner and want to raid the fridge??

meals Jun 17, 2020

Creating new habits can be challenging.

When it comes to weight loss, there is no quick fix. The key is consistency and patience.

However, there are a few hacks that will help you get results.

Our goal is to help answer all your health and fitness questions.

So with that in mind.

What do you do if you are still hungry after dinner?


  1. Slow down when eating dinner

It takes around 20 minutes for our food to digest. Try eating more mindfully and really take the time to enjoy your meal. We have a habit of grabbing food on the run and not being truly present when we eat. So start by chewing your food for longer and enjoy each mouthful. Sit around the dinner table away from distractions like your TV or mobile. Make dinner time an enjoyable experience.


  1. Clean your teeth after dinner

This is a great little hack. If you find yourself wanting to pick after dinner, clean your teeth. The last thing you want to do after brushing your teeth is to eat something sweet.


  1. Have a herbal tea

Herbal tea is great and can help us unwind and even digest our food. Try a soothing peppermint to aid digestion or a calming camomile to help with sleep.

Herbal teas have almost 0 calories, taste great and have lots of health benefits.


  1. Have a glass of water before you eat

Sometimes we can confuse thirst for hunger. Before you eat, try having a glass of water. This will help curb cravings after dinner, as you will feel fuller quicker.


  1. Have one piece of dark chocolate

This option is for those of us who can practice self-discipline. If you can have chocolate in the house and not eat the whole bar, then just having one square a night can curb those sweet cravings. Another option would be a handful of berries.


A final thought; if you are struggling with late-night cravings don't buy the food that temps you. Be strict on your next grocery shop and be aware of what you put in the trolly.

What goes in the trolly goes into your body!

With Health and Happiness

Georgie, and Kyle.

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