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Overcome imposter syndrome with these easy steps.

mindset Jul 17, 2020

Most people I speak to myself included have experienced imposter syndrome at some point in their lives.

When we experience impostor syndrome it can lower our self-confidence and create a sense of fear.

It can feel like a constant internal struggle between achieving success and avoiding being “found out.”

From what I see, imposter syndrome prevents many people from living up to their full potential. I know this to be true because I used to be one of them.

I used to get so nervous being in front of the camera or sitting down to write a new blog. Thoughts would pop up;

"Why does anyone care about what I have to say"


"I'm not smart enough "


"I don’t have enough qualification".

The list went on.

What I came to realise was that the underlying issue was fear. Fear of not being enough.


It has taken me many years to overcome this feeling, and I still have days when I experience it.

But when I do, I have some tools and strategies that I want to share with you that have helped me overcome this feeling and helped me push through regardless.


  1. Train your thoughts to be more powerful than your emotions

We all have thoughts, some of them we are aware of and others that are so ingrained in us that we don’t even register them. These are our unconscious thoughts. These unconscious thoughts are where our underlying limiting beliefs live.

As I began to work on my self-awareness through journaling, meditation and pausing throughout the day to identify what I was feeling, I realised that these common thoughts were coming up. They were all based around not being good enough.

I decided to start replacing my negative automatic thoughts with more empowering ones.

Every time a thought came up that was a limiting belief I would take a deep breath and say “I am enough, I am capable and I am going to succeed” I did this over and over again and begun to reprogram my subconscious mind.

The more I did this the more I began to believe in myself which led me to build my confidence and have the courage to take action.

Write out some new thoughts that you want to have and start replacing the old ones with these new empowering ones and see the change it makes in your life.



  1. Look after yourself

Having a self-care practice is crucial for anyone who wants to live a happy, abundant and joyful life.

Self-care is the cornerstone of self-mastery. Every morning before I have checked my emails, social, news, or jumped on a call with the team, I work on me.

My morning looks like this;

5 am – Meditate

520- Gratitude journal and look over my day and set my intentions

530- Workout

615 Mindfeed – listen to a podcast or read.

645 Shower and get ready for the day

715 Prepare a healthy breakfast full of brain food.

745- Post on social and then consume.

815- Start with key tasks for the day


By the time I catch up on any emails or speak with the team, I have already spent over an hour working on myself.

I have had a morning routine like this for the past 3 years. Obviously this would not suit everyone so find something that works for you. But building great habits like this have added to my growth which has led me to feel more confident and enabled me to overcome a lot of my limiting beliefs.



  1. Do not compare yourself to others

There is a reason why people say comparison is the thief of joy!!

The quickest way to feel like unworthy is to jump onto social and compare yourself to others.


The only person I now compare myself to is who I was yesterday.

There will always be people ahead of you and behind you. Just know that everyone is on their own journey and doing the best they can. Support those who need it and be inspired by those who are where you want to be. This is the best way to live life.


  1. Visualise your success.

I have a vision board and a goal board in my home. Every day I look at it and then close my eyes for a few moments and visualise what I want to manifest in my life.

I started vision boards over a year ago and here is what I had on it-

3 bedroom house on the Gold Coast with a huge balcony overlooking nature and water

A top-rated podcast

A healthy vibrant body

Amazing friends who love and support me

A 7 figure business.

In under 18months, I had all of these things that were on my vision board.

Now I don’t believe that you can just sit and visualise all day, but looking at my vision board daily gave me a focus and a determination. It ensured I was motivated daily to take action.

Your brain cant determine between reality and your imagination  so why not start priming yourself for success. The most important part is then acting as if you have already attracted all the abundance you want to create whilst being truly grateful for all you have now.

So what will be on your vision board?



So there you have it my top 4 strategies I used to help overcome my imposter syndrome.

Like a muscle, I still train my brain daily, because I know If I don’t those dark limiting thoughts will creep back in and take over.

Say it with me now


With health and happiness

Georgie xx



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