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2020 In Review- Biggest Lessons Learnt

mindset Dec 23, 2020

2020 in review my biggest lessons learnt. 

2020 a year no one will ever forget.

A year that challenged every one of us in more ways than we could imagine.


I decided to sit down and reflect on this year and what it has taught me about myself, others, and life.

I hope you enjoy these key takeaways. 


Lesson number 1We can’t control everything around us, but we can always control how we respond.

I remember the day when I knew the pandemic was getting serious. 

The cases were rising fast, and no one knew what to expect.

All of the chaos and uncertainty would have thrown me into a full-blown panic attack a few years back. But something felt different inside of me. Instead of reacting, I turned off the news and said to myself, I opt-out. I made a decision not to be apart of the pandemic.

Now that may sound strange, it even feels a little odd to write, but let me try and explain.

I know the power of my mind. I knew if I continued to watch the news, listen to negative people and focus on all the chaos, I was only going to feel anxious and worry about all the things that honestly were completely outside of my control.

I grabbed my journal and wrote out a list of all the things that were inside my circle of influence, and this is what I had down;

  • How much I move each day
  • What foods I consume
  • What I read
  • What I listen to
  • How often I meditate
  • My routines and habits
  • Who I speak to and how often
  • Taking care of myself each day, ensuring I have excellent routines in place.
  • How I show up when I am with my friends, family and team
  • My energy levels
  • My character
  • My contribution to others


Next, I grabbed my planner and created a morning routine as I know the importance of setting myself up for success every day.

I decided that I would become the healthiest and happiest version of me in 2020. Thanks to my daily practices, I can honestly say my ability to keep perspective and keep an attitude of gratitude I achieved this goal and have never felt better.

I now coach others to do the same, which I know is my purpose in life.


Lesson number 2 Who you surround yourself with is who you become.

One thing I have been extremely grateful for in 2020 is my incredible online community and amazing friends.

I have not heard one person in my inner circle moan in 2020. Sure we have all had our problems, and we have given each other a safe space to voice our concerns, but I have never heard any of my friends play the victim.

Instead, they have all taken a breath, paused, stepped back and made the conscious decision to keep pressing forward.

This has been extremely inspiring and has gifted me with incredible strength, inspiration and optimism.

On the flip side, if I had been around people who focused on all their problems and worst-case scenarios, I know this would have started to rub off on me.

A big lesson of 2020 choose your inner circle wisely!

If you want to be happier in 2021, find your tribe whether that’s online or offline. There are tons of groups out there, so be sure to seek them out.



Lesson number 3 We are products of our habits and routines

Having a morning routine honestly kept me in an incredible headspace this year. Waking up with a purpose, I believe is so important.

It all starts from the moment we open our eyes.

Before I get out of bed, I lie there and ask myself 2 questions.

Who do I want to be today?

What am I excited about today?

From here, I enjoy coffee whilst writing in my daily planner the 3 things I am grateful for.

Straight away, I feel amazing as I look forward to my day.

Having already planned my day the night before I know my key tasks, I can enjoy my morning knowing what the day has installed.

Next movement. Whether that’s walking on the beach, doing a mind-body to lead workout, yoga class or Pilates I just move. EVERY DAY!

Then its time to get showered and dressed with a podcast playing in the background filling my mind with goodness.

Once dressed, I make myself a healthy breakfast to fuel my body with energy for the day ahead.

Now that I have had an incredible morning, working on my mind and body, I am ready to begin my day as my best self, energised and excited for what’s ahead.

The best gift you can give yourself in 2021 is the gift of health both physically and mentally.

If 2020 has taught us anything its that we can't afford to neglect our health anymore.

Keep your immune system strong and guard your mind against all the negativity circulating daily.


Lesson number 4 Have a stress reduction practise.

When it comes to emotional and mental wellbeing, we need to take a more proactive approach.

I used to wait until I had another panic attack before I took action.

Nowadays, I do not let stress build in my body and have some daily rituals to help this.

This includes; Mediation, journaling and yoga.

Getting enough sleep is also crucial for our wellbeing and of course, exercise.

Taking regular breaks throughout the day also helps massively.

I will stand up every 60-90 minutes from my desk, stretch, grab a glass of water and take a few nice deep breaths.

I also find repeating the mantra “I release and let go of any tension that has built up” really helps.

Throughout 2020 I ensured I kept this practice up daily, and I am so pleased I did as it truly helped me stay calm, focused and present.



Lesson number 5 Acceptance and surrender are key.

I had this quote saved on my phone for most of 2020.

“If it is out of my hands, then it deserves freedom from my mind.”

I am a natural worrier. It has been something I have had to work on a lot over the past decade.

One thing I know for certain is that worrying is completely pointless if you can’t do anything to change the outcome. 

I used to have a bad habit of jumping to the worst-case scenario, that on reflection would have never happened.

2020 could have given me a lot of things to worry about.

I have 2 businesses that with salaries, bills and other expenses to pay.

It would have been easy for me to panic and start making rash decisions. But instead, I decided to take a breath and focus on what I could control.

I took stock of any risks and looked for areas of weakness and areas I could save.

I basically took calculated action to ensure I was doing all I could to protect myself and businesses.

Once I had done everything I could, I knew I just had to accept and surrender.

To practise non-resistance.

To still show up daily and do all I could that was within my control, but at the same time, not try and resist what was happening around me.

This was probably the hardest lesson.

I have a tendency to overwork and try and control things, so I defiantly struggled with this one.

But upon reflection, it was when I let go of my need to control everything, accept, surrender and then have faith that everything was going to turn out ok that my life got a whole lot easier.

Things began to flow again as I tapped more into my intuition rather than looking for answers externally.

So in 2021 look inwards as much as you can, the answers are often where we least expect them to be. 


So there are my top lessons for 2020. I encourage you to grab your journal and do the same.

Our biggest growth comes from times of challenge.

Honour that and be proud of what you have learnt.

“To achieve happiness, I advocate four major principles the principles of love, wisdom, self-reflection, and progress.” Ryuho Okawa


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